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1. Follow the best SAT preparation courses that you could get Sat Prep Palo Alto. There are many training courses that you could take, whether directly, or online course. One of the best SAT preparation courses is located in the California. The Sat Prep Palo Alto is ready to help you to solve your SAT preparation problems. By taking these courses, your study time would be more manageable and more effective.

2. Train yourself with the SAT training books when you have some time to spare. The most common problem is that you buy a lot of SAT training books, however, those books are abandoned and untouched. That’s why it’d be the best for you to start to use your spare time to solve the questions in those SAT books.

3. Don’t procrastinate to master the subject that you haven’t understand yet. If there are any subject chapters that you haven’t mastered yet, ask your teacher or your friends who have been able to understand them immediately. Don’t let yourself lack of the necessary knowledge when the test day is coming. That’s include mastering the concept of the subject, there are many SAT questions that require you to understand a concept of a subject.