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Each year, the Christmas celebration is welcomed with the tradition of sending a Christmas card to the beloved ones especially for the people who live in the Netherlands. Dutch people usually send a Christmas card to show their respects, love, affection, or sympathy by making their own Christmas card which is often said as zelf kerstkaarten maken in Dutch language.

Making a personalized Christmas card is sometimes bewildering in which you have a lot of choices for your Christmas card. But, you don’t need to worry because the Koning Kaart will give you any Christmas card design used by famous people which can be a great recommendation for you. The designs which have used by famous family are as follows:

1.Barrack Obama’s Family

Who don’t know Barrack Husein Obama? This 44th American president had a unique way to design his own Christmas card. In a Christmas celebration, he had released a wonderful Chistmas card with a full design of the White House. With pop up shape, Barrack Obama and his family gave their personal signatures that beutify the looks of their family Christmas card.

2.Kadarshian’s Family

This is the tradtition for Kadarsian’s famlily to send the Christmas card every year.  Kadarshian family released a family Christmas card with a photo of carnaval themes. The kadarsian’s family was posed on carnaval theme in their family Christmas card. If you want to get an actractive christmas card, you can order Christmas card  which personalised with your family photos. Isn’t it interesting?

3.Kelly Clarkson’s Family
After knowing about the Christmas card of politician and actress. Now, let’s we discuss about the Christmas card from famous singer, Kelly Clarkson. After she got married and have a new family, Kelly Clarkson was very enthusiastic to make a great Christmas celebration. She made her Christmas card with red color and put her new family photos. Christmas card with red color will looks great if you want to show your love in Cristmas Day.

Tips to Send a Christmas Card Early

What have you prepared for the Christmas celebration for the next month? If you are still confused to prepare all about your Christmas’ stuffs, you may need to think about Christmas card. In the Netherlands, we say it as kerstkaart maken in which many thousands Christmas cards are sent every day before Christmas day comes.

Sending Christmas card has been a populer tradition for over two centuries.  According to some literature, the Christmas card was firstly made by two british people named Hendry Cole and John C. Horsleyin 1843. Nowadays, the ways of sending Christmas card should be done earlier for some specific purposes. Here are tips that you get if you send your Christmas card earlier to your beloved ones:

1.Send your Christmas card in the middle of December

The post office might be closed in two or three days before you Christmas comes.  So, you need to send your Christmas card a week earlier. If you hire a postman, it is very recommendedto send out your Christmas card in the middle of December to make sure that your Christmas cards are received by the recipient on time.

2.Avoid the Christmas card to Get Delayed Delivery

Sometimes, if you send out your Christmas card closes to the celeberation, you would find any incovenient troubles such as delay and broken Christmas card becuase of bad weather. If the weather in your area is frequently bad, you can avoid a long-week delay when you send your Christmas card.

3.Get more time to prepare another Christmas stuffs.

Sending Christmas card will probably take your time, so you need to do it ealier in order to get more time to prepare another Christmas stuffs. As we already know, Christmas needs our attentions in which we have to do a lot of stuffs to make it great celebration.  If you send out you Christmas card earlier, you will have more time to prepare your Christmas Day.