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If your teeth are loose and you do not want to wear fake teeth, then a dental implant can be your alternative. Visit Edmonton Dentist, and we will help you to do a dental implant. Before you do that, you have to understand few dental implant process.

Preoperative dental implant process:
– Perform X-ray
– Consult with your doctor
– Tell your doctor what medicines during the time you consume on a regular basis.
– Tell your doctor if you have certain heart conditions and have undergone orthopedic implants.
In the process of dental implants, the doctor will first inject the anesthetic to the patient. Then the doctor will start pulling teeth and then the doctor will perform the drilling process on the location of the gums that will be paired implants.

Dental implant postoperative process:
– You need to rest a few days to stabilize your condition from anesthesia
– Pay attention to your food, especially in the early days, eat foods with a soft texture for 10 to 14 days after dental implant procedures.

Once the surgery is complete, you no need to worry if you feel pain at the implant site, swelling and bruising of the skin and gums, as well as minor bleeding at the implant site. This is a normal thing happens postoperative dental implants.