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If you now have the difficulties to find your path or can’t enjoy your life due to a life burden, do you think of ayahuasca retreat? Ayahuasca treatment can help everyone get rid of any issue that associated with their physical and mental health ayahuasca retreat. When it comes to deal with ayahuasca retreat, there are many things to know, including the foods to avoid before and after the ceremony. Why? The ayahuasca dietary guidelines can help you maximize your treatment and avoid any negative experience.

Well, two weeks before taking Ayahuasca drink, it is very important to ensure that you keep away from any recreational drugs including alcohol and marijuana. Somehow, this is done to ensure that your body is clean or no negative things that will affect your Ayahuasca treatment. Need more info? Feel free to visit an official site of Ayahuasca center. You can also come to the nearby retreat center to gather a lot of information.